eyes on the sun x a snapback on


This was that day when it was smoking hot outside; when you think twice if you should spend your day IN the pool with a super cold drink or.. not even get out of the house. This summer is.. HOT!
I must admit this cool printed jersey wasn’t such a good idea for that day, but.. I love it! :)


Have a good week! ;)

Wearing Air Jordan snapback, Pacsun top, Gap denim shorts, Swatch black watch and Air Jordan Retro 6 infrared sneakers.


and enjoying an afternoon walk on a carpet of green.


Wearing my two partners in crime for this entire summer – the perfect sunhat Nicole Marciano and the most comfortable flats Report – a vintage leather bag and Zara purple dress with yellow dots. 


I fail for the right words, but.. I love you, summer! <3

summer everything


Taking walks in the States is always an adventure. I mean, having a car here it’s not a luxury, it’s a must. You can’t go nowhere without a car. The distances are.. enormous.
But with the goal of walking more and getting out of these lazy American habits (like taking the car to the store across the street from your house), we walked to the supermarket. It’s not far, it was just hot! Too hot!
But, hey, we made it! :)


Around sunset time, we ended up in the downtown area, with the car this time, in a park full of people chilling in the grass and enjoying some good live music (not country, tho :)  ).
The vibe of this Monday summery activity was amazing!


There is always something magical when music, sun-kissed moments and relaxed summery hues come together. Somehow, all my Mondays turn out to be pretty great..


downtown streets

grey everything



style. I have always had an obsession with this combination of colors/prints – grey and leopard print – but I have never gotten the chance to wear it, until now. Love it!
There are so many ways to play with a scarf – around your head, neck, shoulders, waist, you name it. And if it’s big enough or thick enough it can go as a skirt, as well. It is always useful and fun to reinvent your clothes.

location. This is one destination of the latest road trips, Chattanooga, TN. Downtown area, but this wall got my attention last year. Pretty cool, huh?! I just love their huge walls/buildings! In Romania I can’t find none – to shoot some pics, of course.

random. It’s in the little things. :)


Wearing HM maxi grey dress, Mango leopard scarf, Report nude sandals, Zara bag and Ray Ban shades.