there’s no place I’d rather be

Take time to do what makes your soul happy.


The first day was all about  finding out things about the island and the second one was for trying and experiencing them.
The first day we walked our a$$es off, but the second day we rented a four wheeler. And it was so much fun! I have to admit it was the best thing to do. We managed to see so many places without getting tired. (As much as we walked the first day, we wouldn’t have been able to continue the same for the next days.)  lol


What I enjoyed the most were the rides along the sea with the breeze in my hair and the sun on my face. Being on an island, everywhere you turn there is a view, a panorama that always succeeds to impress you.
But I don’t want to leave out the rides on the narrow inner streets (with two directions!) when if you meet another motorbike is alright, but when you intersect with a taxi (there are the only cars allowed on the island) or a horse-drawn carriage and also people walking, things can get a little complicated, but fun.
But there are no restrictions and you really can get thru the most narrow streets the island has. (Just to keep your side of the road and to signalize , with a honk, before taking the corner to prevent any accidents.)


The main road which you can take to make the tour of the island is 27 km long. That’s what we had in mind right after renting the motorbike, but our adventure ended up quite fast after seeing a snake on the road. We just got scared of what we can find further :)), so we turned around.  Even tho, the snake was more terrified of us. haha (And no, it wasn’t a small one!) 


When it comes to spring hues, April is the month when the island comes alive. Even if the main colors are dark green (the pine trees) and white (the houses), the island is ablaze with color. Bloomed flowers are everywhere you turn.

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a dreamy world

..because when you stop and look around life is pretty amazing.


Since yesterday I have gathered more pictures (and I don’t know how that’s possible) and more stories.
The holiday is over and the feeling that everything went by so fast makes me wonder if it really happened. I have way too many pictures for proof, but when it comes to some scenery they may not be enough.


This is the first part of the first day when we didn’t know how to get rid of the bags faster and start exploring. We got so excited, we didn’t know which way to go. Yes, it is a small island, but with a lot of little and narrow streets. You can’t get lost for real, but you can get confused because everything is so white. That’s why we know the island now like the palm of our hands. haha


It was amazing weather, perfect for what we had in mind, to check out every corner of the island (but not at once). It was full of tourists. I heard at least four different languages (English, German, French and Romanian).
It is so interesting how with so many tourists (taking pictures, walking, riding the bikes and the motorbikes, eating and chilling at the restaurants by the sea, kids playing..), the horse carriages and all in all, a lot of movement and activities and noises, but when it comes to the middle of the day, everything turns into a warm silence. I want to say there is something almost therapeutic at this moment. The island has a law, to keep silence between 2 – 5 P.M. and apparently it’s being followed. It is a really old rule and they call it something like the siesta. (Same thing is for 12 – 8 A.M.)


With so many amazing places around you, you don’t even realize or feel how much you have walked..
until the end of the day.

Welcome to the island!

all smiles


I believe that my last two posts (HERE and HERE) are missing some details, like an intro for example. And I will make a long story short because there are way too many amazing places, experiences, did I say that I’ve made a looot of pictures?!, moments and stories.

A few days off (Easter holiday) and a getaway from Athens was highly recommended by everyone. And actually the perfect and the only free time for something like this. Initially we had another destination, but Greeks are going crazy with the islands when it comes to holidays (and I’ve heard Easter in particular), so we ended up going here (the last available places found with the help of a tourism agency).
You know everything happens for a reason, right?! :)

Two hours away from the port of Piraeus (have you seen this post?!), Athens, with a speed boat (a green boat called the Flying Dolphin that really makes you think you’re flying), we arrived on an island that we knew nothing about, except its name, Spetses.


From the minute I’ve stepped off the boat, I felt like I was in another world. First of all, only knowing that you’re on an island makes you excited and anxious to explore, but.. that bright day, the warm breeze, the blue sea left behind because I couldn’t take my eyes off the view in front of me. The white town with red roofs guarded in the back by the forest of pines and in front surrounded by the cafes and the restaurants full of people.
I noticed on my right, and left also, the luxurious yachts chilling in the port and the water taxis as well, but the thing that really caught my eye was that imposing building..


The Poseidonion Grand Hotel. The oldest hotel on the Greek islands, the first one in Greece to offer its guests spa services,  a favorite destination for high society, royalty and the wealthy Athenians.


It’s a small island, with an area of 27 km squared and a population of approximately 4000, but with an authentic charm. With secluded beaches, narrow inner streets with traditional taverns and expensive boutiques, friendly people, luxurious yachts in the harbor..  and so many more.


Cars are banned from the town, so instead people travel in horse-drawn carriages, by bicycle or on motor bikes. And there are at least three shops which are renting them for tourists. (pretty cool!)






timeless & sensual

..beyond words


It’s only been two days.. non-stop days. New places, new moments, new feelings. I have gathered so much stuff (pictures included) that I don’t even know what to begin with. With the beginning, duh!
But I was never a true rules follower, so I’m gonna start exactly with the end. Meaning the most recent moment and more exactly, this afternoon.
A moment that will always steal my heart, no matter what or where. A moment hard to resist due to its beauty. A strong light and yet so peaceful. A sunset at the sea..


Have a peaceful night!


H is for Holiday

This Easter is going to be like no other.
This spring holiday is going to be THAT spring holiday.


These are some postcards from an amazing Greek island, Spetses. (and more will come soon)
But until then Happy Easter!
Enjoy your holiday!


Happy Holidays!