let’s get carried away

I’m ready.

‘ Troubles, they may come and go, but good times, they’re the gold. ‘


t-shirt & jeans – Zara | backpack & cardigan  - no name | sneakers – All Star Converse | gold bracelets – HM


It was a weekend, like two weeks ago, full of activities, new places and amazing feelings. Meaning also, a lot of pictures. Some are HERE. And HERE. And HERE. And some will come. There are many. :)

At the beginning, the breeze was making me go crazy cause it was always messing up my hair. It was always in my face and I was always with my hands in it. But once you stop thinking about it and just let yourself get carried away, the fun begins. :)
Now, I love it!

On the other hand, walking in this little port, I was thinking how cool it would be to have a boat, I wanna be modest and say a little one cause it will be enough for me, but I’ll go with a big one so I can throw a huge amazing party on the sea with funny and cool people. :)
(And after I saw Chasing Mavericks and today’s waves, I believe a bigger one is safer.)

I know I sound silly and I’ll keep on dreaming. :)

But in two days, I’ll take the ferry to go on a little holiday, so I’ll just practice my dream there. :))
It’s sure to say a ferry is big enough. lol

Ok ok.. I guess I got too carried away. :)

Enjoy your night!
(And never stop dreaming. Life is full of surprises. ;) )

head & heart

Life is what you make of it.


Uh.. it was a looong day today!
A day with a lot of activity. A day full of lessons. A day when you feel that life is unfair. A day when you feel shocked how mean and selfish some people can be. A day when you see that not all things depend on you. That sometimes you fail just to become stronger.

But on the other hand, it was a beautiful day. With a lot of sun and warm air. With friendly people. With amazing places and scenery. With a lot of smiles and laughter.

But at the end of the day, when you put your head on the pillow, it’s up to you which one you choose to see and how.

Good Night!

Red Monday with spring flavours

And the week couldn’t start in a more beautiful way..



Each day is getting brighter and more beautiful!
Maybe everything is in my head because I know that summer is getting closer and closer. Especially with all those Coachella pictures which are running on the internet for the past three days. With all those summer outfits, festival atmosphere, pool parties, good music, lots of laughter and good mood. Oh, and that wild Palm Springs (CA) scenery.. Oh My! (dreaming)

But our time will come too! Right?!

Until then, let’s just enjoy these beautiful spring days!



I have found my star

” Find life experiences and swallow them all. Travel. Meet many people. Go down some dead ends and explore dark alleys. Try everything. Exhaust yourself in the glorious pursuit of life. ” – (Lawrence K. Fish)


Crowded streets, too many people in a hurry and the smell of fresh bagels and coffee..
This was my super early Saturday morning scenery. In a big city, even Saturday mornings are extremely crowded.
Sometimes, the hardest thing in the whole wide world, especially during weekends, is to wake up early. Really early. Like 5 A.M. early. But the good thing is that you have a looong free day ahead to enjoy.
And you know it’s gonna be a good day if the sun is up in the sky before 7 A.M.


You have time for so many things. Like, for exemple, you don’t connect your Ipod to wireless and you wake up in 1970. So you start scrolling down the years, while passing by the market and you don’t even get to the beach cause you’re already in the future (like 2017 – I guess I was distracted by those fresh huge strawberries) and then.. you find your star.
I made it mine like 5 seconds after I saw it. Cause before that, I got shocked (Wth is this doing here?!), then I smiled (Awww, this is so cute and perfect!) and then I freaked out (OMG!!! This is REAL! This is so f***ing real! Dead, but real!)  


So today I have traveled in time (past and future), I’ve been to the beach three times – with three different purposes (like morning walk, noon walk and afternoon walk :P ), but most importantly, I have found my star! :)



in the morning


outfit – Zara | sandals – Calvin Klein


Starting my day with coffee and grits (Oh My! – sweet grits topped with cinnamon), with my positive thoughts (sometimes they come after coffee) and sitting on the balcony. It is a cold breeze which makes me drink my coffee faster, but the sea is sending me all the positive energy that I need.
Even tho, this view is my everyday view, no day passes by without feeling amazed and lucky by staring at it. Everything looks so bright and clear; with so many shades of blue and green! (If you don’t believe me, check my instagram @thatgirlju !)

Everything looks, sounds and feels beyond amazing!
Friday, you couldn’t start in a better way!

Share your smiles and love! Let’s make today amazing!