soft light


13 degrees Celsius and sunny?! Oh yeah!
This is kind of a luxury these last days, so we took advantage of every warm ray of sun.
Yesterday was the perfect day for a walk. (well.. at noon :) )

I do have a weakness for grey (always did), but now every second garment in my closet is grey. No worries though.
When it comes to this outfit, I love the masculine touch that the Dr Martens and the coat is bringing.

We’re going on a trip today (YAY!!) so I’m off getting ready, but I wish you all a great weekend!






In the last few days I was trying to take advantage of all the good things that this cold has to offer: hot coffee and tea, chunky knits, cozy moments by the fireplace and.. coats. I’ve tried to do my best – lol – especially when it comes to warming up by the fire. :)

But when it comes to outside and street style, OH MY!
Totally in love with these chic and versatile coats (oversized are my favorites), available in so many colors (beige, camel, grey, pastel, black or white); matched with knits and fedora hats or mixed up with beanies and sneakers.
So stylish, so chic, so definitely IN! ;)

I’ve found some amazing ones HERE,  hereHEREhere or HERE.  :)



Monday’s adventure

Harmony Park Safari


Don’t think about a real safari though. But it was such a fun activity for a Monday.
The forest is simply beautiful during this time of the year!
The quiet, the hues and all these animals made it such a great day!

This is a “drive-through” animal park where you are required to remain in your car on the two-mile route to see zebras, emus, llamas, deer, giraffes, kangaroos, buffalo, a camel, pythons & crocodiles.
You buy food at the entrance and you can feed the animals by rolling down your window.
They will know that so when they see a car they won’t let it go. They are all around it at the windows. Some of them right in front so you can’t leave. Others can be really pushy, like emus and llamas – that’s what made everything so fun.


It was nice to be so close to some animals (deer, rams) that you usually see at the glance while driving or at the zoo.


Happy weekend!


for Sunday afternoon


Leather season is back! Yep! Yep!
From all my leather jackets this red one is definitely my favorite. Such a statement garment!

All this chilling on the stairs happened on Sunday, right before movies. Meaning just another weekend outfit, casual and comfy.



grey and navy blue

comfortable at its best


Things went slow this past week on the blog, but here I am with some casual and comfortable moments from this weekend.
Casual is nothing new around here and this Saturday nothing sounded better than an oversized sweater, skinny jeans and sneakers.


Hope you had a great weekend!