little moments


September mornings.. I love them!

That’s why I’ve decided to take my breakfast outside. Actually, my coffee and some silly childish cereal (crunch berries and honey-comb).
Right by the pool, at one of the two wood tables with benches attached is the best place to do it. Because the sun didn’t reach the balconies yet.

It’s quiet.

The only sounds you can hear are the birds chirping and the music in my earplugs.
There’s a fresh cool wind blowing and the sun is not that hot. (yet!)
The scenery is beyond relaxing – green all around and small waves in the pool – and completely dipped in the first rays of the sun. There’s nobody to bother me, my coffee is still hot and the cereal are sweet and crunchy.

Life is good when you can enjoy the little things.


One of the weekend activities is riding around the town (walking is excluded when you want to get out of the area where you live in), exploring new places.
This Saturday, we found this place. Peaceful is the word that describes it perfectly.

It was extremely hot tho..



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morning walk


Morning jog would sound better, but it’s way too hot to do it outside.


Small cities can get boring at one point, but they are definitely peaceful with a lot of relaxing places, sights and activities. Well.. this one is. :)

I really wanted to share this place because it got me at first sight. It is not actually a place, it’s my route anytime I’m in the mood for a walk (a morning one cause it’s really bright and not so hot).
It gets dark pretty early here - around 7 something – and I don’t play with foreign places in the dark. lol


It is one of the most simple, but beautiful sights.

Everything was green, bright and bold. The sky was full of cotton candy white clouds. It was quiet and hot.
It looked.. unreal.
The deep quiet mixed with the bold colors made everything.. wallpaper like. :)

Well, this was like two weeks ago, cause yesterday.. there was no blue sky, no white puffy clouds, nothing that I really wanted to show you, but..

the place itself is full of relaxing, positive and cool vibes, no matter the weather.



The walk took a spin through my favorite neighborhood, another relaxing place.


If you could only feel this silence..


Mexican place awesomeness


And.. here we are, again! ( HERE is the other visit.) The best place in town, if you ask me.
The place with super good food, unlimited margaritas, good vibes, unique scenery and.. did I say margaritas?!


Always crowded!
It has something that makes you come back, and it’s not the reason that you’re hungry. It is such a big restaurant and every corner, every wall has its charm.

It is definitely in the details.



side road


It was a strong wind and an even stronger fall scent in the air. I even got scared for a moment, that summer may be.. really gone.
False alarm tho..

However, this was just a quick side road stop with some on the run pictures – we were already late for our Saturday plans and the wind wasn’t really helpful (as you can see my hair – a mess LOL).

And if I haven’t already, I declare myself totally in love with these old signs, buildings, places!
They remind me of all kinds of movie scenes.