a pretty awesome Sunday


October.. Wow!
It doesn’t even make sense to mention how incredibly fast time flies..
But the first thing that came to my mind this morning, when I saw October 1st, was THIS particular (October) day from last year.

A thought that made me go through my Greek archives filled with so many amazing moments, people, experiences, but most of all.. places.
Oh man..!  (only thinking about it my heart is pounding like crazy..)

That was definitely one of the “highest” points of my life! It filled me with so many wonderful and unique feelings that I can’t even try to put into words..

Overwhelmed by this deep longing and with a bitter sweet taste, I can’t be anything but grateful! So so grateful!

But on the other hand, this year’s October finds me far away from Greece, in a totally different world, but not less amazing.

It is said that ” every year you should travel to a place you’ve never been before. It opens the heart, inspires the soul and leaves you blessed with an inner wealth and a memory that lasts for a lifetime.”


Alabama snow :) .
Passed this ‘green’ field so many times, until a couple of days ago when it turned white. Whoaa! (picture my surprise, lol)

Cotton fields! It is full of them here. And it’s only the beginning. They will get whiter and fuller.


And this place.. can never get old to me.  <3
(yes, again at the Mexican restaurant)


PS:  It still feels like summer here, so I’m not giving up on my uniform (chucks and denim cut off shorts), not yet. :)



dreamy essence of summer afternoons


Always on the lookout for some movie-like places and hoping for some simple, but meaningful moments.. and actually, they’re always coming when I’m least expecting it.

When I saw this place on the side of the road last week I couldn’t take my mind off of it. And this Saturday afternoon turned out to be the perfect moment to check it out.

We just drank a beer over some silly conversations (and made new friends!).
It was such a simple afternoon with no expectations, but this place flooded with the sunset glow made it.. exclusive.
And we’re still talking about it three days later.

They have live jazz on Tuesdays and karaoke on Thursdays, plus happy hour daily, so we’ll definitely not miss out on the chance to spend more good times there .

We’ll be back. :)





Oh wow, 27!

It says a lot to me, but definitely not enough!

I do not know why, I’ve never really liked my birthday, but this year I decided to give it a (better) try.

It was one of the most careless birthdays (in the best way possible), simple and not so, different, spontaneous, amazing!
It was my freakin’ rad day!

We roamed around the streets, laughed more than breathe, ate hot fresh doughnuts in a parking lot, showed off with my huge balloons everywhere (middle of the main street included), acted silly (obviously) and..

just watch the pictures! :)



Thank you all for your wishes!


Cheers to life!

South stuff


I am a sucker for this golden magic moment and even tho a lot of times I’m in the hunt for it and I’m looking for any kind of reason to be somewhere outside, this time just happened and it was even more magical.

Optimized-SAM_7375 (1)Optimized-SAM_7321

We weren’t on the scene of a western movie, but it did made me think about it.
And yes, my boots and hat are missing. :)


This is actually a store (a bar would’ve sound a lot better) and it has all sort of western stuff like the famous hats or boots (way too many models).  



little moments


September mornings.. I love them!

That’s why I’ve decided to take my breakfast outside. Actually, my coffee and some silly childish cereal (crunch berries and honey-comb).
Right by the pool, at one of the two wood tables with benches attached is the best place to do it. Because the sun didn’t reach the balconies yet.

It’s quiet.

The only sounds you can hear are the birds chirping and the music in my earplugs.
There’s a fresh cool wind blowing and the sun is not that hot. (yet!)
The scenery is beyond relaxing – green all around and small waves in the pool – and completely dipped in the first rays of the sun. There’s nobody to bother me, my coffee is still hot and the cereal are sweet and crunchy.

Life is good when you can enjoy the little things.


One of the weekend activities is riding around the town (walking is excluded when you want to get out of the area where you live in), exploring new places.
This Saturday, we found this place. Peaceful is the word that describes it perfectly.

It was extremely hot tho..



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