August rain

one dull Monday


Oh, ..time flies!

It’s like there is one second of summer left..



I only got caught three times in the rain yesterday - soaking from head to toes – but hey, what is summer without some cold showersΒ in the street ?!


On the other hand, Tuesday is looking brighter.. :)

Have a good one!

music in the park

Β Optimized-SAM_4111Optimized-SAM_4180

The South is not about sky highs and crowded places.
It is about relaxed and spacious surroundings. It’s about pleasant and warm people.
It’s about bold, but warm colors, endless roads and limitless sky.

Life in the South is about simple and beautiful moments, colorful and good vibes, cool and relaxed atmosphere.



One important goal - and impossible to not reach around here – on my afternoon walks is discovering new (and amazing) places.
This is one of them – a pretty chic neighborhood, with amazing houses, lovely streets, one of a kind restaurants and relaxing summer activities - music in the park on Thursdays and movies in the park on Fridays.
I have checked both of them and I had such a good time!



motel hallways

high heels, playful moods and lots of fun on some random motel hallways


The thought of shooting some pictures with my mom’s colorful cape, at a motel, was hunting me for some time. (and motel is the key word here ;) )

The story in my mind was a little bit different, but we couldn’t stop acting silly – maybe because of the heat (wow, It was HOT!) – so we just went with the flow (or the heat wave). LOL

And we had a blast! Therefore tons of pictures. :)



Pool Side

beats of tranquility


With my afternoon walks in the neighborhood and around, I’m always finding something new – there is always a place that catches my attention.

This time it was a pool, a new one. It’s smaller, but it has everything you need to spend a perfect afternoon. A lot of quiet, the perfect rays of sunshine and..
..the beats of this song can say it better.