downtown walk

vibrant moments


 Saturday was one of the most beautiful autumn days, even tho.. it really felt like summer.

I don’t how how it comes but every time when we decide to wander the streets downtown it’s smoking hot. The cure for that?!

Anyway.. looking for some shade we entered in this dusty place.
I do not know exactly why, but it caught my attention right away.

It must have been the green plants everywhere.
Or the light coming through the broken glass above us.
Or the cool air.
Or the designed black poles.

It was definitely something..



Sweet October

magic and priceless


This place got me from the second I saw it. It was summer then.
And I’ve always found a reason to come back. Again and again. Morning or afternoon. Cloudy or burning hot. No matter what.

This place is magic.

It hits you with a strong sense of calm, clear sights, endless good vibes, alluring silence, sweet sensation of freedom and so much more.

And these autumn hues add a wonderful spray of color and sensual atmosphere.

It is incredible. It’s my dreamy place. <3



I wish you a great week!

somewhere on the streets

traffic, cool wind, dazzling light and carefree vibes


These are some pictures we took a couple of days ago featuring a super simple look using some basic garments: black stilettos, high waisted vintage Levis and a black spaghetti straps top - Easy peasy! – mixed and matched with a statement jacket and a cool atmosphere.


Check the video on my IG  @thatgirlju!

autumn fairy tale

warm hues, peaceful moments and breathtaking views


I’ve always considered myself being a summer girl – especially after my Greece experience, that will never be forgotten and always mentioned somehow.

But I have to admit that I’m starting to like autumn..
Even tho this year started with two COLD rainy days that had me shaking – from all points of view – the next ones.. wow! .. each day became more beautiful than the previous one.

And these southern October days are still allowing me to play with shorts in the middle of the day. :D


For this past weekend our peaceful destination was Monte Sano State Park.
I was craving for a breathtaking view! And I got more than that.

This place is magic.

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Watch the short video of these pictures on my IG  @thatgirlju!

something wonderful

warm feelings


There is something magic about these sunny October days.
It’s in the wind, the rays of the sun, the landscapes, the hues, the quiet, the cotton fields, the cotton clouds, the blue sky, the leaves..
It’s everywhere.