autumn fairy tale

warm hues, peaceful moments and breathtaking views


I’ve always considered myself being a summer girl – especially after my Greece experience, that will never be forgotten and always mentioned somehow.

But I have to admit that I’m starting to like autumn..
Even tho this year started with two COLD rainy days that had me shaking – from all points of view – the next ones.. wow! .. each day became more beautiful than the previous one.

And these southern October days are still allowing me to play with shorts in the middle of the day. :D


For this past weekend our peaceful destination was Monte Sano State Park.
I was craving for a breathtaking view! And I got more than that.

This place is magic.

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something wonderful

warm feelings


There is something magic about these sunny October days.
It’s in the wind, the rays of the sun, the landscapes, the hues, the quiet, the cotton fields, the cotton clouds, the blue sky, the leaves..
It’s everywhere.



Liberty Lane

vibrant scenery


We got here on Monday by mistake. It’s called Liberty Lane and it takes you to a historic slave cemetery.
But the vibes of this place are amazing!
It must have been the weather also; along with the peaceful and colorful southern vibes of every single day.


Watch the short video on my IG @thatgirlju!

poolside moments

simple & peaceful


It was Thursday around 5 pm. I grabbed my iPod and got out of the house. No reason, no destination, I just felt like it. The weather was beyond perfect.

I didn’t get far though.. It was somewhere across the street, between trees, at one of the neighborhood pools.
It was a small pool covered in a soothing glow.

I took my shoes off and dipped my feet in the water. I hit play and got willingly distracted.


The air started to get chilly. I didn’t even realized that the same song was playing over and over again. There were way too many thoughts.. and actually none.
It felt like a few minutes, but it had been over one hour and it was getting dark.

Friday I came back.. to my new happy place.


sunset glow & fall hues